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Friday, January 13, 2012

Through My Lens

Over the years, I have had a variety of cameras. When we had our first babies, the twins, we bought a SLR that by today's standards was really clunky and heavy. Still it gave me creative license and I even took a photography course at our local college and learned to develop black and white photos. That was long before digital but it was in the forcast. I remember the prof saying that eventually you would be able to put the picture in your computer and tweak it. Talk about cutting edge!

Well as the years went by, and cameras digitized, I ended up getting smaller and smaller versions. I loved the little Sonys that I used that fit in my pocket and I could pull out and take pictures with little trouble. And the pictures were good--enough. But then camera envy took over. My daughter-in-law began taking pictures with a DSLR that were outstanding. Much of it due to her creative eye but the clarity and the options of the camera lent to producing great results.

We were out together with the grands one afternoon and she laid her camera down long enough for me to pick it up and look it over. I snapped a few pictures and loved the feel of the camera in my hand. It was so much lighter than the old SLR we had so many years ago. As providence goes, my Sony wore itself out several months later and just in time for Christmas. So what you are seeing is the beginning of much fun to come and an even better record of our travels. So much fun!!

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