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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Books a' Latte?

While doing my morning browse through the blogs I follow, I came upon a link at Chip MacGregor's blog that caught my attention and imagination. Chip is a literary agent who keeps abreast of good and bad news in the publishing industry and passes along lots of gems to his readers--as well as great advice to writers. He's an avid Oregon Ducks fan. Ahem. I digress.

The link he posted was an article about Harper Collins making their backlist of book available through the Expresso Book Machine. I had images of a gurgling coppery machine spitting out hot steamy books. Actually it looks more like a copy machine which is really closer to what it is.

The Expresso Book Machine can be placed in bookstores or, I'm assuming, most anywhere someone might want to sell books and for a nominal fee, a book that is in some sort of digital form can be chosen and the machine prints and binds it on the spot. Sort of a mondern day jukebox of books?

Apparently this could help with the problems of carrying inventory in bookstores. They wouldn't need to have as many books on the shelf. But, I wonder what would they do with all that empty space? Sell cookies with their Books a'Latte?

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