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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Worship Thoughts - Would I Recognize Him?

He was a bit disheveled. He looked very tired and worn as did the clothes he wore--wrinkled, a bit torn, maybe even dusty. His hair was long and in need of styling maybe even washing. He sat among the other Sunday morning worshippers and while they were mostly in vacation or leisure wear (this was a resort area after all), his dress made me think he had either just come from work or just woken up on the street and entered in.

I was surprised when the pastor called people forward to gather around a couple and pray for them and he rose up and joined other members of the congregation without hesitation. When he returned to his seat a few rows in front of us, I noticed as well the dark circles under his eyes and the scraggly growth on his face that needed a razor.

The writer in me wondered what his story was. Homeless? Or just getting off work on a dirty job? Needing something from the church? Food? Money?

About mid-way through the sermon, I glanced at him again--just about the time he raised a hand to push his hair behind his ear. That's when I saw it. The scar on his hand. That's when the words of the sermon faded and the words of Jesus said, "Remember. I was on that cross for you."

He left before the service had quite finished. Where did he go, I wondered? And then I wondered, Who was he really?

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