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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Great Big Home and Garden Show

What do you do on a cold day in February in Northern Ohio? You look for the chance to find the promise of spring. The Great Big Home and Garden Show is running through this weekend. It's always a pleasant break to go and visit the gardens that local lancscapers put together in the big International Expo Center near Hopkins Airport.

Many years back, we had what was known as The Cleveland Flower Show and then it evolved into the Home and Flower Show and then there were two shows. . . I'm not sure what happened to change it all but in the original Flower Show was an opportunity for local florists to show off their skills and artistry. That was a big part of my decision to become a florist--but that was a previous life, so to speak.

The GBH&G Show's theme for the gardens this year is Classic Television Show Favorites. I loved the choice. And the landscapers must have liked it as well for the gardens were all very creative. One of my favorites was the Beverly Hillbillies. On one side of the garden was shown the old cabin they came from. Then, as you rounded the area and passed the old truck with Granny sitting on top, you came to the backyard of the mansion they moved to.

The garden dedicated to the Flinstones had stone furniture and, in the front of it, a sculptor working on a statue of Dino with a mallet that looked like it came from the stone ages.

Remember Archie Bunker? His living room was prominent in one setting with a TV playing reruns of the show.

Grizzly Adams had a cabin in the woods and then there was this pond featuring, who else? Flipper!

Strolling through the vendors area is always a hoot with all the demonstrations of the latest greatest ideas for kitchens. As we passed one hawker he called out to me, "How do you cut your vegetables?"

"Very carefully," I replied. We passed by before he could respond.

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