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Friday, August 17, 2012

Books For The Road - The Third Gate

Here is another pick from the NY Times bestseller list, The Third Gate by Lincoln Child. The novel is an Indiana Jones meets the Mentalist type story. A little sci-fi, a little historical (maybe a stretch on the truth), and a whole lot of page turning as the story really gets rolling.

The synopsis blurb: 
Under the direction of famed explorer Porter Stone, an archaeological team is secretly attempting to locate the tomb of an ancient pharaoh who was unlike any other in history. Stone believes he has found the burial chamber of King Narmer, the near mythical god- king who united upper and lower Egypt in 3200 B.C., and the archaeologist has reason to believe that the greatest prize of all—Narmer’s crown—might be buried with him. No crown of an Egyptian king has ever been discovered, and Narmer’s is the elusive “double” crown of the two Egypts, supposedly pos­sessed of awesome powers. 
The dig itself is located in one of the most forbidding places on earth—the Sudd, a nearly  impassable swamp in north­ern Sudan. Amid the nightmarish, disorienting tangle of mud and dead vegetation, a series of harrowing and inexpli­cable occurrences are causing people on the expedition to fear a centuries- old curse. With a monumental discovery in reach, Professor Jeremy Logan is brought onto the project to investigate. What he finds will raise new questions . . . and alarm. 

Jeremy Logan is the character who deals in paranormal, curses, demon possession, or you-name-it he gets rid of it or exposes it for a fraud. In this story, it's not a fraud and one night I found myself putting the book down early--not because I was bored with it, oh no. I was anything but bored but I didn't want to go to bed with some of the unexplained still kicking around in my head to reveal itself in a nightmare.

Good read for the road. Just don't read it before turning out the light.

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