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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Journey of a Lifetime

There are travel adventures that could be classified as "the trip of a lifetime." That's the category our trip to China fell in and mainly because I said it would only happen once in my lifetime. Once was enough for me.

Then there are some adventures that you might say are the journey of a lifetime. We've been blessed with many of those and look forward to more.

But our real journey of a lifetime, our life together began for Bob and I on South Bass Island at Put-In-Bay, Ohio. We visited there this week again with one of our sons and our grands. Of course there were lots of giggles when we went to Perry's Victory Monument and Grandpa pointed out the tree where he and Grandma sat and kissed.

There was the spot where the old pizza stand used to be where we first met. It sat just to the left of the Round House. I made pizzas there and Bob's cab sat in the taxi stand just across the street. In those days the taxis were all historical models of convertibles. I think he was driving a red Chrysler mostly. I don't remember the model year. All of those have now been replaced by school buses and trams and regular vans.

Out at the State Park, we watched our kids with their kids skip rocks from the place where we used to sit and watch the moon shimmer on the water.

And the thing my nature loving granddaughter who just turned nine thought was so neat was that our first date was to OSU's Stone Lab on Gibraltor where we wandered around and looked at all sorts of fishy things preserved in jars.

Thanks to my daughter-in-law, Lori, the photographer
 for this one.
Fond memories revisited. The journey of a lifetime began there and continues on now with a lifetime of journeys. Who knew?

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