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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Aruba's New Trolley

On our recent cruise we stopped at Aruba. While strolling the port area, we happened upon several emergency vehicles with flashing lights and wondered what was going on. There was a large crowd gathering and so we asked someone nearby what had happened. We hoped it wasn't a tourist in trouble. Not to worry. The hoopla was all about Aruba's new trolley that was about to be rolled out for the very first time.

The trolley, when it is finally up and running will do a loop from the cruise ship terminal and follow through downtown to the area hotels. It looks to be a nice addition to the improvements this island is making to its tourist business.

Amid train whistles, horns, and music, the trolley rounded a corner and passed us by stopping in an area decorated for its dedication. Politicians and Santa rode on board. It was all over quickly but the fun has only just begun. We look forward to riding the trolley on our next trip. Hmmm. Good excuse for another cruise.

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