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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Calling All Girl Scout Grandmas!

It's Girl Scout cookie time. Arrived quickly, didn't it? If you are the fortunate grandma of a Girl Scout or two, you will most certainly be asked by those big hopeful eyes or quivering hopeful voices on the phone to purchase some. Now, I love those chocolate mint ones and have several scouts--related and non-related, who will ask me to buy some. I really can't afford the calories and unfortunately the ones I really want to buy from are located across the country from me. Last year they
spent more money sending me the boxes I purchased than the actual cost of the cookies. What to do?

At this point do you see the little light bulb above my head? It's actually one of those new-fangled energy saving coiled ones and it takes a bit longer to light up but eventually the light and my brain come to attention. Here's how the conversation on Skype went with my Seattle Girl Scout:

"Grandma, would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?"

"I would! But please don't mail them again. That costs way too much money."

"Uh-huh." She sounded disappointed but my next comment thoroughly caught her off-guard.

"I love your cookies but since I am so far away and it costs so much to mail them, how about doing this. I'll pay for two boxes of cookies and I want you to give one box to your teacher at school and one box to your Sunday school teacher. Okay?"

There was a pause while this sank in. Then a bright smile spread across her face. "Yeah. Okay!"

"Be sure to tell them it's from your Grandma. We wouldn't want them to think it was some sort of bribe--especially the one at school." That got a giggle.

I'm sharing this idea with the rest of you Girl Scout Grandmas--just in case your energy efficient light bulb doesn't light up fast enough. Smiles!

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