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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How Old is Too Old When It Comes To Travel?

With seniors who are living longer, healthier lives age is becoming less of a factor in many facets of travel. Seniors have more flexibility in schedules and can travel in less expensive seasons, stay longer, and take advantage of lots of discounts world wide. Here are some tips for seniors who are looking to travel more:

  1. Always ask if there is a senior discount. This applies to tours of sites of interest as well as hotel and transportation. Many countries honor seniors with a discount after the age of 60 at their historical sites and in their parks. A couple of times we even got free coffee in New Zealand!
  2. Be aware that you may have difficulty in some countries if you want to rent a car. Age limits apply sometimes and you will either be denied, need a doctor's note that you can drive, or be charged extra for the rental. Shop around.
  3. Plan your travel for the off-season and remember that off-season in one hemisphere may not be the same as another. If you plan your trip on the cusp of the change in season, you can usually still get the better weather as well as the better prices.
  4. If you are traveling a great distance, a long plane flight overseas for example, plan to stay a little longer and see more. Being retired has its perks. You don't have to be back for work on Monday. This allows a little more time for adjusting to the time change and taking advantage of what the area has to offer when you're not sure if you'll return again soon. We have found that long distances traveled begin to take their toll. So to enjoy the trip, we slow things down and plan to stay longer.
  5. If you have physical issues or health issues, you may want to look into some travel insurance that will cover you in the event that you require treatment, evacuation from the area, or cancellation of your trip. Choose wisely and weigh the alternatives. Insurance can be costly. 
If you have any more tips, please leave them below. I'm always looking for more ways to enhance these senior years of travel.

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