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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Travel Agency for Stuffed Toys

Afraid to fly? Not able to get around easily? Don't want to cope with jet lag? Send your favorite stuffed toy and let him do the traveling for you. The Unagi Travel Agency is a Japanese company designed just for that. You send your favorite stuffed toy to them and they take the toy on a tour of sites in Tokyo.

Once your toy reaches them, you will receive an email that it arrived safely. There will be pictures posted to Facebook so that you can see your favorite Teddy exploring Tokyo and having a great time in your place. The whole trip takes about 2-3 weeks by the time Teddy arrives, takes his tour, and then is returned to you.

It's a whole lot cheaper than going yourself. The tours range in price from $35 to $95 depending upon the one you pick.

We did a similar thing for our granddaughter last year. She sent us a Flat Stanley and he toured with us from Seattle to Cleveland to Florida including a stop at the Kennedy Space Center. I blogged the whole trip and put together a Shutterfly book for her to share with her class when she reported Flat Stanley's adventure. It was a lot of fun but virtual travel is not for me.

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