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Friday, April 11, 2014

What Do You Miss Away From Home?

"Don't you miss your own bed?' is a question we often get when people realize how much we travel and for how long. I rarely miss my own bed but what I do miss is my home shower. Like Goldilocks, I stand under the warm steady stream and realize, it's just right.

Showers come in all sizes and methods of delivery. The condo we've rented in Florida several times has a rain shower head that streams water down on you. It's about 10 inched in diameter and while you get the gentle feeling of a rain shower, you don't get the massaging effect of streaming water.

We've had showers that have too little pressure and others that scare you when they start up. Water too hot. Water too cold. Water too soft. Water too hard. Faucets that take an engineer to figure out when it comes to turning them on. (Thankfully I travel with one.) And mechanical boxes that produce hot water as you shower.

There have been huge walk-in showers that could comfortably fit a half dozen people in them and showers so small you could just about turn around in them. Those smaller ones have sometimes had shower curtains that get very intimate with you, clinging to you as if they were a part of your skin.

And speaking of shower curtains. . .Do any of you old enough to have seen Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock still feel creepy in a motel that has a shower curtain? I was twelve when I saw the movie and all that chocolate syrup blood but the images stuck with me forever. Yes, definitely one of the most dramatic moments in movie-making.

So, what do you miss most away from home? What do you come back to that makes you say, "Ah, just right."

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