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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Where Was Star Wars The Force Awakens Filmed?

Good question and I was curious. We've been to Hobbiton where the Hobbit movies were filmed and we explored the Warner Bros. studio just outside of London where the Harry Potter movies were made. I had no idea where, outside of a graphic arts computer program, the scenes in Star Wars might be shot. Thanks to Smarter Travel.com I found out.

While you cannot go in, the Pinewood Studios just outside London is where a lot of the magic takes place.

Skellig Michael, Ireland is another place that crews were seen shooting part of the movie. I'm guessing it was probably the last scenes. I won't give that away. This is a popular tourist place in Ireland that will probably become more so once word gets out to fans of the Force.

Desert lands always seem to play a part in the Star Wars movie and they do so again. It is said that the sand dunes outside of Abu Dhabi is where they got the landscaping for the scenes that featured a dry arid planet.

Near the royals' Windsor Castle more staging took place and was revealed as a Star Wars set when a drone caught pictures of a Millennium Falcon and some costumed extras. The spot is in Berkshire, England.

Two other places are rumored to be shooting locations. One in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, where filming for the Return Of The Jedi took place. Another is Iceland. Maybe by the time we get to Iceland this fall they'll be on the tourist map.

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