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Sunday, January 10, 2016

His Majesty

My friends and coauthors of several books, the Word Quilters, are a patient group. Since we are scattered all over the country, we communicate often through emails. Sometimes the question is asked of me, “Where are you now?” Since our children are all grown, my husband retired, we travel even more than we did before. Our feet have touched on all seven continents and completely circumnavigated the globe. It is quite a masterpiece our God has created and we have enjoyed every little corner we have found to explore.

More than that, God has opened my eyes to His majesty. High on a mountainside in Alaska, I was reminded of the strength and peace He brings. On a dive trip to Papua New Guinea, I observed a little fish dart in and out of a strong current to seek shelter in a rock just as I seek shelter in my Rock. Amid the red desert sands of Australia, we paused to learn how the Desert Oak sends a tap root into the earth to seek life giving water. How like us who need to tap into the Living Water.

The most touching experience we had however was on our trip to China. It was one I didn’t want to take but bent to my husband’s desire for his “trip of a lifetime.” We spent eight days on a land tour that took us from Beijing to Xian and the Yangtze River. I prayed that God would show me each day that He was at work in China; that His presence was there and would be felt. That prayer was answered each day in many ways but most dramatically in the middle of a river tour.

 On board a catamaran, we explored a tributary of the Yangtze River in the beautiful Three Gorges area. There were about one hundred twenty-five English speaking tourists on the boat and after our guide was finished telling us about the culture and traditions of the area, it was suggested that we sing a favorite song. In the middle of a river, in the middle of China, over one hundred voices rang out in the most beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace I have ever heard.

Majesty. His majesty is felt everywhere people are willing to let Him into their hearts

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