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Monday, January 18, 2016

Is A Cold Rainy Florida An Oxymoron?

Even the pelicans are hunkered down.
We have spent two weeks now in our snow bird stay in Key Largo. Out of those two weeks over half of them have been windy, chilly to cold, and rainy. I can hear the sympathy from the northerners. Yup. A collective moan followed by a sarcastic, "Gee, that's too bad."

When you're counting on good weather for your activity and entertainment, it is a bit depressing.  Since our condo did not come with a kayak for our use this year, we asked around and found a fellow who recommended buying an inflatable from Amazon. He showed us his and when Bob looked at the price, he found it reasonable--especially since he had Amazon gift cards that would almost cover the cost.

It arrived on a cold, windy and rainy day. We took it into the condo to inflate it and check it out. It looks pretty good. All we need to do now as someone commented on Facebook, is to add water.  Unfortunately because of the wind and waves due to a north wind, we haven't been able to add the water yet.

Morning walks have been successful with only a minimum of raindrops and once in a while we can whack a tennis ball around the court (we're not good enough to play a game) so life is good mostly and we have made some new friends. As they say, misery loves company.

So as soon as the weather breaks, we're off to find the manatees and hopefully not the nurse shark or the alligator some have reported seeing. After all, we're in an inflatable and the patch kit that came with it isn't very big.

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