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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Cruising - I Remember When. . .

Cruising, like flying, has changed over the years. Some for the better. Some not. There are certainly more options like the all-inclusive vs. the pay-for-every-little-thing cruise. We've done both and each has its good points. Like Bob always says, "It's impossible to have a bad cruise." There are a couple I think came close though.

One night in the fancy pay-extra dining room for a special dinner, we got to talking about remember when. Here are a few things we came up with.

Remember when

  • there was live music in the dining room to start dinner?
  • a harp played in the top specialty restaurant?
  • they actually flamed the cherries jubilee at your table?
  • they actually flamed anything in any dining room?
  • lobster was a given every formal night?
  • there was a welcome aboard and farewell night with the captain? (some still have this)
  • there was a strictly enforced dress code?
  • you actually had to strap on a life jacket for the drill? (most ships don't require it since they are a tripping hazard)
  • tips were optional and you put your tips in an envelope and actually handed it to the servers and stewards?
I'm sure there are a lot more that we could have come up with. If you think of any, leave a comment. Ah, the good old days.

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