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Monday, April 18, 2016

Plane Sleep

This year we will be taking a couple of long flights. It's always a struggle for me to sleep on the plane. I usually just assume I won't and take a good book or two. If I decide I'm going to read and I sit back and relax there's a good chance I just might doze. Which is better than not sleeping at all since I am relaxing. Bob on the other hand, takes two Tylenol PM and is out like a light. Just doesn't work for me.

Always on the lookout for suggestions to how to sleep on a plane, I found a few things that might help. First, be careful what you eat. Too much salt and carbonated beverages coupled with the change in pressure and the inactivity for so many hours can lead to bloating and discomfort which is a sure bet to keep you awake.

Wear comfortable clothing. While pajamas for those over age ten are discouraged, a pair of pants with a little roominess could be helpful and certainly shoes that slip off and on easily. Those are good for getting through TSA a little more quickly as well.

I have a hard time sleeping with headphones on but a comfortable pair of earbuds with some soothing music is more conducive to dozing or sleeping. I pass on the inflatable neck pillows that make me feel like I'm in traction. Instead I opt for a soft sweater rolled up under my head. That head usually leans against the side of the plane as I try to get a window seat whenever I can.

Sleep masks might work for some people but I found a suggestion that sunglasses might feel more comfortable to some.

How are you at plane sleeping?

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