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Friday, April 01, 2016

Mini Cruise - Nassau, Bahama

Nassau is always looked at as a premium destination and in some ways it is. Of course the biggest attraction is Atlantis which is a great place to spend the day if you want to spend the bucks. They charge for you to use their beach and stroll around their lagoons that contain sharks, rays, turtles and a variety of other marine animals. There is also a large aquarium that you can see for a fee. It is amazing. We've been through it before.

We'd never taken the ferry over to Paradise Island where the Atlantis and several other nice hotels, restaurants and shops are so we set off to try something new. Of course we forgot we were in the Caribbean. Nothing moves quickly in the Caribbean. The signs all said that the ferry began its runs at 9:30 AM but when we inquired at the ticket booth we were told to wander around a bit because they weren't ready. We weren't about to wander around the area. It didn't look terribly savory as we looked down the road. But we walked along the water's edge a bit and came back. It turned out they were waiting for a group from a ship (there were four in port) and if there was room, we could hop aboard. They weren't sure when they were leaving though. Finally one of the guys hailed a taxi for us and it turned out that the taxi wasn't any more expensive than the ferry. Our driver gave us a pleasant ride over to Atlantis.

 We wandered around the shops and the casino and peeked into the lagoons that we could see. Atlantis hotel is not cheap. There is a room that is in the arch between the two towers of the hotel that goes for a couple of thousand a night. I've always heard that Oprah Winfrey reserves it when she's there. Other rooms go for $400 to $700 so it surprised me to see college students there with luggage. Perhaps there was a special for them at the resort.

Back on the ship in time for lunch, I enjoyed a quiet afternoon on a lounge chair with a book while Bob had fun at the fitness center. Dinner in the evening was in one of the specialty restaurants, Il Adagio. It is Italian and the sauce and pasta was really good but the meatballs were mostly breading. Disappointing. The comedian for the evening show though was a highlight of the evening. He had recovered from the disastrous first night and was very funny, engaging the audience whenever he could and even involving the stage hand.

A quick walk through the pool area just to sense a little of the energy of youth emanating from all the college spring breakers and we were off to bed with the expectation of a great beach day to follow.

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