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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Summer Shoes To Go

Shoes and chocolate. Hard for me to pass up but when it comes to packing for a summer getaway, you can't take a closet full of shoes with you and you do have to be careful your chocolate doesn't melt. Your shoe choices have to be made on the basis of what you've planned for your travel. The guys have it easy. My husband wears a pair of brown shoes and packs a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals. Me, I have to worry about dressing up, being nicely casual, getting shoes for the water/beach/pool, walking shoes, exercise shoes, etc. What's a girl to do?

I ran across an article at Smarter Travel that offered lots of suggestions for different types of shoes that pack well because they either fold up, flatten, or are light weight. Some of the suggestions were good but several were a little pricey for me. When one link showed me that Oprah loved the shoes, I knew they were out of my price range.

So how do you pack for summer fun? A pair of ballet flats work well for occasions where you want to be a little dressy or resort casual at dinner. Sandals that can take getting wet are great for the pool or beach (I like Tevas). Of course if you're a flip-flop wearer that problem is solved. A pair of shoes that you can exercise in are usually good as walking shoes too. Find some that are made of a breathable material and they'll be lighter to pack.

Now that sounds easy. But wait! Those cute little sandals will look great with that pair of slacks and I really need a brown and black pair of ballet shoes and a white pair just because it's summer. And. . .and. . . This is where I need to dial it back. And of course if I really, really need that extra pair, well, it's a shopping opportunity. Right?

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