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Friday, May 20, 2016

In My Backyard

While we have been all over the world, sometimes just traveling to my own backyard can be an adventure. All sorts of birds have taken up residence. Some are building nests, planning for families. Two morning doves this spring staked out our deck. We were sure they were looking for a place to build a nest and had perhaps tried the corner gutter above the back door since there were nest making materials scattered on the deck. When they realized it wasn't such a good place when the rains came, they moved on.

Symphonies around the globe could not be more beautiful than the songbirds that skitter from tree to tree attracting mates and friends and in my imagination, just singing for the joy of it. Flashes of red cardinals and the occasional blue jay add color and of course some of my favorites are the robins who seem to like the pine trees for their young ones.

After almost fifteen years of muck accumulating in the bottom of the pond, Bob cleaned it out and worried the whole time that our friendly frog population would desert us with all the activity. He needn't have worried. It appears most of them stayed or returned and now with a cleaner pond we can actually see where they go after we hear the plop when
they jump in the water.

This year as I was wandering around and deciding where to plant the summer blooms, I caught sight of a beautiful little cluster of white flowers. They were obviously from a bulb but I hadn't planted anything like them in my yard anywhere. Last year we had to have our brick walkway repaired from some over active chipmunks who undermined the structure. Hmmm. I wonder if perhaps the pretty white flowers were their doing? A peace offering perhaps?

You don't have to travel far sometimes to find great wonders of the world.

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