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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's Summer! Here We Go!

Well, technically it's not summer until June 1, meteorological summer, or June 21, the astronomical summer but who doesn't mark the Memorial Day weekend as the official start or at least start thinking about summer. TripAdvisor has listed the 10 top destinations for summer. I was a little surprised at some of them. Take a look and see what you think but number one was Las Vegas. Huh?

We've been to Vegas in the summer. It's hot! I mean really hot! It's even hot in the evening. Now I know some like it that way but 110 degrees was a little much for me. Of course that was when my niece asked us if we wanted to hike in Red Rock Canyon for fun. She was in Vegas for a gig in Mama Mia which is why we were in Vegas--to catch the show. Ah, youth. We politely declined the outing and just drove through the canyon, windows up and AC on.

Many of the other places on the list could be a little warm but a lot of them at least had beaches where you could loll in the sand and cool off in the water or a pool. London and Paris were interesting cities to make the list but as with many of the choices, it is more expensive in the summer time when people are taking their vacations and school is out. That's where retirement comes in handy. We can opt for the off seasons to travel for less and with less crowds.

Still, if you are a people watcher and enjoy a place for all the excitement a crowd can bring, these would be the places to go if you can afford them. TripAdvisor also adds their recommendations for saving money. Me? I'm opting for some less traveled roads and some quiet time.

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