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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Revisiting Destinations

If you haven't guessed by now, I love looking at all the travel articles that tell me of the X number of places I should see before I die or the X number of places not to see or the X number of best places for [insert activity here]. After all I wouldn't want to miss something or waste my time on some place I shouldn't see although often times I disagree with the writer. Everyone sees things differently and some of those don't-go-there places I found interesting.

Well, here I go again. Independent Traveler published a list of twelve places you should only see once. So, have I been to any or all? I clicked on the link and here's what I discovered. I've been to seven of the twelve. Pisa was the first on the list and I might be persuaded to go back there. The tower is interesting and the surrounding buildings are nice to explore.The article complained about all the sellers hawking their wares but it is where I found my favorite travel purse for $10 (after a little bartering). I think I'd opt for a trip to Florence though if we are ever in the area again. We haven't been there yet.

Niagara Falls in the winter.
We made a brief visit to Hanoi while on a cruise. I might be persuaded to go back to Viet Nam but once in Hanoi is enough. I satisfied my look back at history. The best thing I got out of that visit was our guide's comment, "Most people say Viet Nam and think of a war. I think of Viet Nam and think of a country."

I agree. Once for the Mona Lisa is enough. It's a tiny picture in a large room full of people all struggling to get close enough to see that infamous smile. But I don't agree that once to Niagara Falls is enough and I would suggest going there at different times of the year. We once had to pass through in winter and we stopped long enough to admire the frozen trees naturally sculpted in ice.

The Kasba, Tangiers
Once in Tangiers, Morocco, and once in Guayaquil, Ecuador is probably enough. I would go back to Amsterdam again. Now Portland, Oregon, is also on the list and not highly recommended for more than a one time visit. We've been near Portland once to go to an indoor water park with our kids. Oregon is a state that we would like to explore more so I'll leave room for Portland and hope for a better experience than the writer had.

That left four other places I've not experienced yet. I don't know that I want to see the Taj Mahal at all. India is not high on the bucket list at this time. Tourist trap or not, I would like to see Pompeii once. Podgorica, Montenegro, was not highly recommended but since we've never been to Montenegro it would be good to see for ourselves.

The article's slide show ends with Nowhere--meaning there is really nowhere you wouldn't absolutely return to if it meant a chance to travel some more. I agree.

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