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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Books For The Road - Every Bride Has Her Day by Janice Thompson

Once in a while it feels good to just giggle. That's exactly what Janice Thompson makes you do as you read through Every Bride Has Her Day, the last book in her Brides With Style series. Any woman who has been through the wedding planning stages can relate to Katie Fisher's dilemma as everyone around her wants to plan her wedding for her.

Katie has won her bridal gown and won the heart of the man she's going to marry but as they plan for their special day, one dilemma after another seems to loom up and create a challenge for them. It doesn't help that she works in a bridal/wedding store. That just makes more "cooks in the kitchen" so to speak.

The chosen place for their wedding, Katie's hometown of Fairfield, Texas, erupts in an all out feud just before their planned day. Here again sadly but with a good dose of humor the reader just might recognize and groan at the kinds of things that split a church and/or a town.

One of the things I enjoyed most about Every Bride Has Her Day were the quotes that Thompson starts each chapter off with. They are all from Audrey Hepburn and most were quite poignant.

And you will definitely fall in love with Aunt Alva.

Looking for a nice read to while away some time on the beach or in a plane on your way to some exotic place? Try this one out. It's a good Book For The Road. Light. Fun. Easy reading.

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