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Monday, June 06, 2016

Hanging Liters

On our World Cruise 2015 we saw lots of unusual things in many different parts of the world. The picture here I believe I took in Guayaquil, Ecuador on one of our excursions. I had tucked it away for a possible post here and almost forgot about it. It's a unique idea for recycling those 2 liter drink bottles.

String plastic cording through the the bottles at each end until you have as many as you want to hang in a row. As each is added, anchor the bottles with a know below each one at the ends. Be sure to keep them even to make your bottles level.

Cut away a section horizontally at the top of each bottle between the cording. Fill each with soil and plants and a little time released fertilizer and you have a hanging garden. The holes in the bottom of each where the roping runs through should allow some drainage but if not a couple of holes poked in the bottom of each bottle will work too.

What a great idea for a kids' project for the summer!

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