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Thursday, June 16, 2016

But They Taste So Good

My churros in Barcelona. Yum!
Please say it isn't so! One of my favorite treats when in Paris is a Nutella crepe. Delicious chocolate flavor rolled up in a sweet pastry, sprinkled with powdered sugar, hold the whip cream (I have to cut some corners) and plopped into a paper cone for you to eat as you stroll the lovely streets of the romantic City of Lights is among the top ten most fattening treats in the world. Lots of calories in the serving of Nutella added to the crepe that is cooked in butter and you end up with calories topping 1,000 and of course all that artery clogging fat.

So how about churros? Maybe on their own but who can resist the rich deep dark chocolate that accompanies them? The cinnamon sugary fried bread begs to be dipped in that cup of hot chocolate.

We all know that French fries are made in vats of hot cooking oils. In the states the oils are now supposed to be healthier for you which explains why they taste so much better in other countries that still use the tasty oils and fats. In Canada I was always intrigued with the white vinegar they use on their fries instead of ketchup. Now I hear that in some sections of Canada they serve them up with gravy. You can get them at Burger King there. 740 calories and 41 grams of fat.

When it comes to Japan, I always think that the foods are much healthier. And for the most part, they are. There are some things however that contain those hidden fats that can add up to extra pounds. Ramen is not the culprit but the broth that the ramen is in can be. Much of the time the broth is made from beef fat and oils. Oh, say it isn't so.

There are some other delicacies that are on the most fattening list. Check them out with this link and let me know if you have tried any. I'm not giving up my crepes, churros or ramen. I don't get them often enough to create a disaster of my diet and I do walk a lot more when we travel.

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