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Friday, July 15, 2016

A Trip Down Memory Lane - Ocean City, MD

The early years of our marriage found us in Laurel, Maryland, a beautiful town half way between Baltimore and Washington, DC. Supposedly it was the favorite place for George Washington to stop overnight on his trips between the two cities. Our twins were born while we were there and when they were six and our younger son was three we decided to take a vacation that included a trip back to visit friends in Laurel and our favorite beach in Ocean City.

While in Laurel our friends treated us to a crab feast. In Maryland, you cover the table with newspaper, dump several dozen steamed spicy crabs in the middle and let everyone have at it. Our kids loved it and to my surprise, loved the taste of crab.

While in Ocean City, we visited our favorite seaside restaurant and ordered kids meals for the boys and lobster for ourselves. Of course the boys wanted to taste the lobster. Big mistake in letting them. They all decided they liked it. While trying to expand their culinary experience we created expensive new cravings--crab and lobster. We never ordered lobster in front of them again.

It was one of those memorable vacations and partly because of the curly haired blonde guy in the picture. He had soft big curls of almost white blonde hair and it was irresistible for passersby. Many reached out and patted his head. We joked that if we had a quarter for each pat, we'd have paid for our vacation or at least for lobster for the kids. He never would have stood for it though. He learned to scowl at anyone who reached a hand out. I couldn't blame him. It wasn't long after our trip he had a haircut that ended the curls and as he grew his hair color darkened.

Ah, a trip down memory lane. Again.

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