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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Authors And The Places They Write About

Midnight On The Mississippi by Mary Ellis was one of my most recent reads. It was fun to read and imagine her exploring New Orleans to gather her information for her setting. I know Mary and remember her talking about her trip. As I read, I remembered the trips we've made to the places she mentioned. A good author does her/his research for the setting of the story and the best research is done first hand when possible. Now is that an excuse to travel or not?

Our book club is meeting in a few days and we will be reporting on the travel done through the books we read for this session's assignment. (Readers had to find a book with a setting outside the USA.) I am eager to see where my friends have traveled through their reading.

If you are considering a trip somewhere out of the country, you might consider a little internet searching to discover a new-to-you author from that area or an author who has set their story in the place you are visiting.

But even if you are staying within the borders, you can find all sorts of books from authors around the country. Pick a spot. Any spot. Then travel through the pages and enjoy the scenery. A good book will do that for you and you won't even have to pack a bag!

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