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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hmmmm. What To Wear? What To Wear?

It is always interesting to return from a trip and unpack and discover how much you took along that wasn't really necessary. This last trip had us coming home with several pieces of clean clothing that we never needed. A dive trip is casual to the extreme but I hate to go to dinner in a sweaty shirt. This year though we didn't do much outside that required more than a bathing suit or dive skin so we both took too many shirts with us even though I had planned to do laundry.

So what sorts of things should you consider when you are planning what to wear as you travel? Again it boils down to homework. Find out what types of dress codes you might encounter at your destination. If you are going to Europe and plan to visit historic churches, you will find that sleeveless shirts and dresses are frowned upon. You will be asked to cover your shoulders at least. In the Middle East you will find very conservative dress codes in places even like shopping malls and of course if you visit a mosque, ladies will be asked to cover their heads with a shawl.

More times than I would like to count we have seen inappropriate shoe wear for the type of trails, sidewalks and nature walks that are part of tours and may be on your itinerary. Flip flops and sandals may be great for the beach but they provide no support and often no tread for rocky sloped terrain. And absolutely refrain from spiky heels on cobblestone streets and walks that are usually found in European historic places. An ace bandage or worse, a cast on an ankle is not your best fashion statement or a great way to travel. Avoid that with sensible shoes.

Love bright colors? Save them for the Caribbean. If you are traveling most anywhere else, stick to more subdued colors. Unless of course you want to stand out in a crowd and be easily recognizable to those who prey on tourists like pickpockets and scammers.

And while we're on the pickpocket thought, don't carry valuables in an open bag. A cross strap purse that zips is safer.

Expensive jewelry is an invitation to thievery. Opt for some nice costume jewelry if you must be adorned and if you have rings with large stones, you may want to turn them around to your palm when you are out and about. I turn my around when I'm diving too. Barracudas are attracted to shiny things whether they swim in the ocean or walk the streets of Paris.

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