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Friday, December 30, 2016

When A Girl's Gotta Go

Long ago when I was just a young whipper-snapper we made some long car rides. (Whippersnapper by the way is not a term of endearment according to Merriam Webster). There were no McDonald's along the way and few rest stops. There was always the empty coffee can on the floor in the back seat. I knew what it was for. My brother could just stand by the car if necessary when nature called but I was relegated to using the coffee can. I tried hard not to have to avail myself of such relief.

We have often joked about me having to use an empty to-go coffee cup but have always managed to find a rest area or appropriate restroom along our route even if it meant buying another cup of coffee or other foodstuff to avail ourselves of the facilities. I thought I had blogged once before about a device called "stand by your man" but I couldn't find it in the archives. That was quite some time ago when we were planning a trip to China and I knew there would be squat toilets. The idea for devices to help women in troubled times must have caught on since then because now there are quite a few products for women who love to camp or travel where facilities are not ideal or few and far between.

The devices are called female urination devices. Go Girl seems to be one of the most popular or is advertised better. Basically they are funnel type devices that can eliminate that need to squat and hopefully will direct a stream away from legs and clothing much like a male who can naturally do that. It certainly would have come in handy when we climbed Mt. Fuji and I made my own device from a discarded beverage cup. Had I only known. . .

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