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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Making The Connection

Nothing is worse than missing a connection that you really wanted to make. Connections in the airport. Connecting with your ride. The connection you need to get from one place to another. But for me the biggest disappointment is picking up my phone and seeing that I missed connecting with one of my kids or grandkids--especially the ones who live on the other side of the world since we have a narrower window to connect in with the time difference.

Then there is the problem with a poor connection. It happened not too long ago on a video chat. The little warning bar kept telling us we had a poor connection. We solved it by going to another app.

Communicating with loved ones is what keeps us connected to one another. Keeps us caring for each other. Keeps us in a relationship. In the "old days" we dialed a phone. Today we touch the numbers on a screen. But it does take power to keep those lines open and connecting.

As I started to try and end a conversation with a granddaughter the other day, I said, "I have to go soon. My battery is getting really low."

Her answer, "Plug it in."

I smiled. A simple answer but one we don't always think about. We think we have power but we don't. Not really. There is a power source though that is greater than any other. The trouble is we don't always think to plug into it. We don't "dial" it up. Bottom line: we forget to connect to the One Source that can provide the power to get us through the tough times, to rejoice with us in the good times, to say "job well done", to comfort, to bring peace. How is your connection? Have you dialed up your Heavenly Father lately? He's always there to receive you. And his power is limitless.

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