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Monday, August 21, 2017

Grandma’s Got a Brand New Bag

[It's time for some more Grandma stories. I wrote this several years ago when these two grands were much younger--oh, so was I!]

Tyler and Danielle can hardly sit still in the car. They are on their way to pick up Mamaw Patty from work and have lunch with her. Their excitement is hard to contain because they know that their grandmother will have a brand new bag of goodies for them to explore during lunch. They pick Mamaw up at work and head for McDonald’s.

“Ooh, what’s in the bag, Mamaw?” Tyler says before she can fasten her seat belt. He knows she’s not going to tell him but it’s worth a try.

Danielle rolls her big baby blues and says, “I know.”

Tyler scowls. “What?”

“Something good.”

They rush to sit beside Mamaw Patty while their mom, Lori, orders lunch. Patty reaches into her bag and hesitates. She’s drawing out the anticipation and enjoying their eager faces. Slowly she begins to pull out the supplies for the day’s project—fish foamies, glue, wiggly eyes, markers.

By the time the fries are gone and the last bite of hamburger disappears, Tyler and Danielle each have a colorful angel fish with wiggly eyes to take home. And to Lori’s delight, Patty has enough in her bag to give the kids a project to work on when they get home.

When Tyler and Danielle come to Grandma Robbins’ house, their enthusiasm is directed to my toy closet. Each time they visit there is always something new to be discovered. Sometimes it is just the latest toy from a Happy Meal. I like a smaller portion of fast food and discovered I could order a kid’s meal and save the toy for my closet. Or perhaps I’ve been out and seen something on sale that I could add to the collection that grows as they do while I try to keep up with their expanding interests. My toy closet is easily accessible and each grandchild is quite proud that they can go into it on their own and choose what they will play with. 

What’s your bag? What do you do that is special and unique for your grands? It doesn’t have to be fancy. Maybe you like to bake or cook and have a specialty that they can always associate with you. Perhaps you love to read and always have a new book ready to share in a special chair or corner of the garden. An ongoing project like a doll house that is only worked on at your home. A hobby or talent that is your specialty to share.

Your “bag” makes you unique in your grandchild’s eyes. That is one of the things they will associate with grandma and grandpa. They will remember that there was something special just for them, wrapped in your love, each time they visited with you. Keep it fresh but keep it uniquely yours. 

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