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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Lighten Up! Leave The Everyday Purse At Home

I've said it before and I'll say it again, when sightseeing there is no reason to load yourself down with a heavy purse that will just make you tired halfway through your day. Time after time I see women going through the TSA security check with a purse the size of a carry on. Now that's fine if you are just getting from one place to another on a business trip or a visit with relatives, but if you are intending to tour on vacation, take a vacation from that huge baggage that will only give you a pain in the neck.

Opt for a small purse, one that can be worn across your body and in front of you for more security while you are out and about. How small you ask? Maybe we should back up and see what you absolutely need to carry with you.

You won't need all those store value shopper cards. Clean them out of your wallet and leave them home. All you will need is your driver's license or passport and one or two credit cards. Wow. That really reduces that wallet. Maybe you could get by with a smaller one of those as well.

Carrying all of your cosmetics including your nail polish in your purse? Why? Put your makeup on before you go on tour or take a vacation from it all together. A little lipstick may be all you need to perk up that I'm-on-vacation-look. If you must have perfume or fragrance, find a light perky scent in a small sample size.

Don't keep collecting change. Use it up as soon as you can with your next purchase. Some foreign coins are very heavy.

Now let's take a little inventory, Lipstick, maybe a sample perfume, small wallet with two cards and driver's license, a few coins, a small comb, a small pack of tissues, sample sized pain reliever and antacid, a small hand sanitizer and your cell phone. Add to that the hotel key when you get it and you are good to go. I know. I know. The withdrawal symptoms may come but once you relax and start enjoying the scenery you won't miss any of that other stuff. And your neck and back will thank you at the end of the day. You might even like it so much you'll make changes when you get home.

The only place you need a big bag is if you're heading to the beach. My suggestion is find a canvas bag you can tuck in your suitcase and fill when you need it with the beach essentials like sunblock and water and a towel or two. And of course that beach book!

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