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Friday, August 25, 2017

Books For The Road - The Annie Pickels Story


Several years ago (2012) to be exact I wrote and published In A Pickle, the first novel of the Annie Pickels Story. Here is the back cover teaser:

Annie Pickels, a 65 year old widowed pickle entrepreneur is in real trouble. One of her city farmers is growing marijuana on his rented plot of land. Annie, thinking it is marjoram, uses it as a secret ingredient in her pickles. Insisting Tommy is a nice young man, Annie discovers his beloved Mary Jane is not the name of his girlfriend when Annie is arrested for cultivation and sale of marijuana. But Annie knows God always takes care of her. On a cruise aboard the Queen Mary 2, Annie met Arnie, the man who may solve her impending legal dilemma. Elma, Annie's best friend, knows that Arnie is just what Annie needs in her life. But is he? Annie's niece thinks Arnie is out to fleece her aunt. Is she right? Or is Arnie the one who can get Annie out of the pickle she's in?

Now the story is completed in Pickle Dilly. Here's the teaser:

Annie Pickels, a widowed pickle entrepreneur, and her best friend Elma are off to London for a little holiday. While in London things are happening back home that threaten to cause the loss of Annie’s farm property. Once again she will rely on Arnie, her friend who is a lawyer but who wants to be so much more in her life, to help her out of trouble. A trip to Alaska and a meeting with her deceased husband’s family solves some of her problems but there are still questions to be answered. How far will the people who want her property go to get it? And, is there room in her heart for Arnie, the one Elma keeps telling her is the “man of her dreams”? It’s a dilly of a pickle Annie finds herself in but with friends, family and faith the answers become clear.

Both books are a humorous adventure that includes trips to the Caribbean on the Queen Mary 2, London and Alaska. Readers who have fallen in love with the characters, Annie, Elma and Arnie, have begged me to finish the story. It took a while but now it's here. In a Pickle has a new cover that coordinates with Pickle Dilly. After all Elma, the fashionista, would want the books coordinated.

In A Pickle and Pickle Dilly are now available on Amazon in paperback and ebook format. Enjoy!!

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