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Friday, March 30, 2018

Last Day Of Countdown Deal! $6.99

Today is the last day that Ruby (Kindle edition) will be on sale. You still have time to save a dollar off the regular price.

Here are some teasers about the book:

Secrets can be cruel especially when they span generations. What Hope Morgan learns from her mother’s love story turns her world inside out. How many secrets did Ruby keep from her daughter?

A love grown quietly over the years. A war calls and decisions must be made in haste. What secrets will need to be kept and how will they affect generations to come?

Love found. Faith found. But will the war destroy it all or will the secrets kept destroy love and faith?

Hope Morgan thought she knew all of her family history but when an illness threatens the life of her mother, Ruby, secrets are revealed that change her perspective and make her question her own identity. What generational secrets shaped and formed the family she thought she knew?

Sound intriguing? Get a copy of Ruby at Amazon at this link. 

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