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Monday, September 10, 2018

Celebrating 50 Years - Don't Forget The Cake

Some things are a little fuzzy after 50 years and getting the cake is one of them. I can't remember if Mom found someone who was working out of her home or if we actually went to a bakery. I kind of think it was a bakery. I do remember looking through lots of pictures of wedding cakes.

Unlike the present-day wedding planners, we didn't get to taste a lot of cakes. It was going to be white cake, standard buttercream icing but there was going to be a special element. It seemed to me that having a fountain in the cake was something new or a wedding fad of sorts. It didn't take much for the baker to talk my mother and me into it.

As I look at the picture now, I realize there were bridesmaids and groomsmen on the cake and a few swans. All I have left is the cake topper and one swan so I must have given the bridesmaids the other swans and figures.

I am amazed that the cake topper held up as well as it did for 50 years. The skirting is a bit yellowed and the flowers a little squished but the bride and groom still look fresh. For the  anniversary celebration train dinner, we got a two layer cake so that we could use the cake topper. To make it a bit more appropriate for the 50th, I took off the old rose leaves and replaced them with gold leaves. The two white bells looked a bit speckled with some black spots so I replaced them with new gold bells.

While Bob kept insisting I should make the groom's hair white to match his, I refused. After all we are still young at heart and in that we match the lovely couple on the top of the cake.

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