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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Celebrating 50 Years - Oh, The Flowers

It's been 50 years but I do remember that Mom had found someone who was working out of her home to do the flowers for the wedding. When I look at the flowers in the sanctuary pictures, I cringe. Maybe that was part of what made me want to become a florist. (I had my own shop for six years.)

The wedding baskets were not much different from funeral baskets--full of white gladiolas. At the time I didn't really notice. I was in love, in love with Bob and getting married and beginning a life I'd always dreamed of.

I do remember the bouquets though. The florist did a nice job with them. They fit the fall theme well. She had designed my bouquet so that I could remove a going away corsage from the enter before I tossed the rest of it to the waiting crowd of single women. When I was a florist, we always made a throw away bokay so that the bride could preserve her own bouquet if she so desired. And I never used white glads in funeral baskets for a wedding.

I love the picture of me tossing the bouquet. Mouth wide open. I think it was my cousin who caught it. It looks like it sails through the hands of my maid of honor.

One good thing about the flowers was that the boutonnieres made it easier for people to distinguish between Bob and his brother--that's if they paid attention to the fact that Bob's was a white rose not a carnation.

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