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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Saving On Food As You Travel

Our next trip will be a cruise so most of our eating will be done on our cruise ship. It drives Bob crazy to think that we've paid for a meal and won't be there to eat it. Unless it's an all day excursion we're on, we'll be back to the ship for lunch and dinner (breakfast is always a given).

When you are traveling by land though and on your own, there are some ways you can save on your meals starting with staying in a hotel or B&B that provides a breakfast. You might even pick up an extra apple or banana to take with you for a snack later to stave off hunger so you can make good choices for lunch.

Small plate on wine excursion
Lunch is one meal that can cut into your budget if you're not careful. Unless you'd rather eat a bigger meal midday and a smaller meal in the evening, you want to find something that will satisfy and yet not empty your wallet. One of the things we have found is that grocery stores are a great source of sandwiches and fruits or snacks for lunch--no matter what country you are in. If not a grocery store, look for a bakery. Many even have a place to eat in and better prices than the restaurants. And then there's the local farmers markets. You might find some vendors there supplying lunch at a good price.

Always check with the hotel or your B&B host for suggestions for dinner. Often they will have some connection to a few places and will offer you a discount. Even though B&Bs may not offer a discount to a restaurant, they are often the best source for finding those out of the way places that are excellent and where the locals eat. You'll be sure to sample the more local dishes that way.

Bon appetit!

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