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Thursday, May 02, 2019

Bad Cruising Habits?

If you follow me at all, you know that I like to check travel habits, or been-there-done-that places, etc. against my own experiences. Recently a list popped up about bad cruise habits--10 of them I might have!  Let's see how I did.

Not washing hands was up first. No problem there. I wash them often on a cruise and give an extra shot of hand sanitizer when I can. One down.

I don't smoke, so I'll skip the smoking on the balcony one and move on to saving seats around the pool and in the theater. We have been known to save a seat or two in the theater when we travel with family but never around the pool. We're really not pool people on a cruise and if we want to lounge we usually find a quieter place with a lounge chair.

Moving on. Eating and drinking too much? Not usually. Especially not drinking. Those stocked mini bars that are all inclusive are a waste for us. Now over eating is a challenge. To  guard against that we generally avoid the buffet unless we're getting a plate of fruit or a salad for lunch. We save our calories for the tempting dishes in the dining room for dinner. We find that dining in the dining room we eat less for other meals like breakfast and lunch. Also we compensate for extra calories by taking the steps whenever we can instead of the elevators.

The only time the lights are left on in our stateroom is when the attendant does the turn down at night and leaves them on as a welcome back for a good night. Okay, big pat on the back for that. We have been guilty though of leaving electronics plugged in to charge. Not really a good idea and we've returned on occasion to find that they've been unplugged.

No problem with letting kids run wild--we don't cruise with kids. And as far as leaving dirty dishes in the hallway, no. I hate moving down the hallway and finding them.

We try to keep things picked up and put away in our stateroom to make it easier on our attendant. There's no reason to make it more difficult for them to keep our place neat and clean.

As for noise? We are usually asleep early enough that the TV, which might get a little loud (we are older) will be off well before midnight--probably eleven even. I can't control the snoring though.

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