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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Love The Smell Of A New Suitcase?

One of my most popular posts was from 2011 and had the title "Ah, Love The Smell Of A New Suitcase." To this day I don't understand what the draw was but it was one of my top posts ever.

Some people drool over the smell of a new car. I like the smell of a new suitcase. Better yet, I love the way the zipper works without getting caught and how the wheels are aligned. Needless to say, with our traveling an average of four months a year, our suitcases take a beating. On our last trip, the old suitcase handle that pulls up so you can roll it behind you got stuck. Add to that the almost worn through corners, a bad zipper, and we knew it was time for a new one.

Now suitcase shopping is not easy and very much like car shopping. What do you do? Buy an expensive one that has all the bells and whistles but may not last or do you go with something cheap that you don't regret having to replace sooner? We chose a more middle road approach.

The one we found is suitable. Lots of space for packing. Lightweight so when we add the clothes it doesn't add so much to the weight that we're paying overage fees. It also has the "fancy" wheels that let you push it or pull it. Now there's a feature I can really live with! I found that it was much easier to push it than to pull it behind me and it handled very easily. So much so that we may consider getting a garment bag with the same kind of wheels.

Now it's almost time to pack again but this time I know that I'm gonna love my new set of wheels!

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