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Monday, May 20, 2019

Through My Lens - Learning New Tricks

What do you do when Pickleball is cancelled? You spend the morning at the zoo of course. It's a great walk and we always get lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. This day we also got to see tons of kids as well. The parking lot was yellow with buses even though it wasn't the best day for a trip to the zoo. I had been wanting to figure out how to manually focus my new Canon Powershot SX 740 and I finally think I mastered it. The shots I was getting of animals before were focusing on the fencing rather than the animal. It was amazing to see the fencing disappear. 

Glad to see this wasn't the usual bunny we've seen for a meal. I'd hate to think the teachers would have to explain that to the little ones who were there that day. I think this guy had a fish for breakfast.

And a special treat! The new baby giraffe had his first day out! He was frolicking all over the giraffe area. Guess he's learned to use those wobbly legs.

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