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Monday, July 29, 2019

Hot Summer? Time To Plan For Antarctica

One of the greatest trips we have ever taken was to Antarctica. There are all sorts of cruise lines that go there now and you can get several different types of experiences. What I liked so much about ours was that we had several opportunities to go on land and experience the penguins and other beautiful scenes that were not viewed from the ship.

I ran across someone else's experience in an article, 10 Days in Antarctica. Her adventure was similar to ours. So if you want to see Antarctica what should you look for in a cruise?

Check out the itinerary closely. Do you just want to look from the ship? Some of the larger ships will not set up land excursions. They are labor intensive and include a lot of sanitary precautions to keep our germs from infecting the wildlife and their germs from infecting us. Our crew had to scrub our boots each time we went on shore.

If you want to immerse yourself in the wildlife and land, choose a smaller ship. There are some that are extremely intensive with studies of what you will see, not just excursion lectures. The only problem with a small ship is the Drake Passage which can be quite rough since it is a large body of open water. We lucked out and it was a relatively smooth crossing both ways. I have heard stories of some pretty rough weather though.

Whatever you choose, it is an amazing adventure. I have never seen snow so white and icebergs so blue. Seals and penguins so comical. The time to visit is in January/February which is "summer" in the south. We had temps in the 60s one day and snow on another. But when the sun came out the sky was so blue and the snow so white.

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