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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Travel Germaphobia

I've seen some you might call germaphobes but not a lot. I don't think they are being extreme. Who knows what might be going on with them physically that requires them to wipe down their tray table and seat in the airplane. Some people have conditions that require that kind of caution and yes, the planes are not always cleaned that well between flights.

A recent article however gave lots of ideas for germaphobes to chew on, gadgets and gizmos that they could take along to help them out. I carry lots of hand sanitizer but fail when it comes to packing sanitary wipes unless we are going somewhere that I don't trust a reasonable amount of cleanliness.

This article went much farther though. A sanitizer for your toothbrush? Another for your phone? Do you let others use your phone? Maybe because you might set it down on a table?

How about carrying your own blanket? Of course. Lots of room in the suitcase for that right next to my UV wand and portable air purifier.

The one I really liked was the cover for your tray table and airplane seat. It's washable so you can clean it up for your next trip.

Now again, if you truly need to be that careful, these products might be of use to you so I will give you a link to the article here. For me, I"ll just replenish my Purell supply.

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