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Monday, February 10, 2020

Books For The Road - Twenty-One Days

Starting on my reading list for 2020. I find I have to list the books I read so that I don't reread one accidentally. I hate starting a book and getting to the third chapter only to realize I've read it before. I also find that too often I stick with the same authors. It's safe. I know I'll get a good read but it doesn't make for a diverse reading list. I have been trying to expand my reading experience and I happened upon a new author for me and a book called Twenty-One Days.

The author, Anne Perry, takes the reader back to 1910 and London and introduces us to a young barrister who is just beginning his career. Coming off a successful case where he's proved a man innocent with a last minute forensic check he is handed a case that also seems a loser. Daniel Pitt will uncover evidence that just may involve his father who is head of London's Special Branch (think CIA-like). He will have 21 days to exonerate his client but the question is will it hurt his father?

It's  great read and one that would be great to tuck into your suitcase or just curl up with on a snowy day.

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