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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Snow Moon In South Florida?

This is not the picture of the full moon I hoped to get this past weekend. Believe it or not we had three days in a row of cloudy weather when the moon was expected to be full. So I settled for the almost full moon picture I took on Thursday.

I was a bit disappointed. After all this was supposed to be one of those spectacular moons, the snow moon, as it is called. Yes, even in Florida it is labeled a snow moon. Maybe that's to remind all of us snowbirds of what we left behind up north. Of course the three gray days almost had me wondering if I'd returned home somehow--wondering that is until I opened the door and felt the warm air. I was relieved and by Monday, the sun was shining again.

Of course now that we've had the full moon, we will be looking for those bioluminescent little worms that pop up after the sunset for the next couple of days. I love the wonder that God has created.

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