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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mooned By An Osprey!

The Overseas Highway (Rte 1) takes us to the mainland any time we need to pick up or drop off a grandchild. While Key Largo doesn't seem like an island, technically it is and is the first in the line of islands that extends to Key West--all of which are connected by the Overseas Highway.

There is an exit just north of the bridge that spans Surprise Lake you can take to go to the Yacht Club and a couple of restaurants below. We take the ramp down and then continue onto the ramp back up again to the highway but as we do, we slow to a stop and check in on the osprey nest that is visible from there.

The up ramp gives you a view directly in line with the nest and this time of year the osprey pair are either sitting on their eggs or feeding hungry mouths. This year they seem to have built the nest a little higher around the edges so it's a little harder to see if there are any hatchlings inside yet.

Maybe there's a good reason that they built the walls of the nest higher. Perhaps they are tired of being spied on. I know that there are several other people with cameras who stop there on their way up and down the highway. Why do I suspect they want more privacy? Because as I was lining up my shot and just as I pressed the shutter, the osprey stood and mooned me.

Now my fellow photographer, to whom I showed my picture, laughed and said I was lucky I wasn't any closer. I would have been the recipient of more than just a moon shot. Wonder if he was speaking from experience?

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