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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Exploring The Night

Several years ago Bob bought a very bright flashlight that we bring with us to Florida each year in order to explore the nighttime waters around our shoreline and dock area. We've found lots of interesting things (besides the glow worms after the full moon). We've also gained the name of "the night watchmen" from our friends here.

A few times we've seen the small neighborhood nurse shark out foraging in the rocky areas for an unsuspecting fish or the leftovers of someone's catch of the day that they've cleaned and tossed the extra into the water. There have been lobster and some shrimp with beady eyes (Bob's favorite find).

One year we saw lots of horseshoe crabs in the shallows. Ant my favorite, the dolphin who had a feeding frenzy among the mullets that make their home around our dock.

This year we haven't found quite so much although we did hear a manatee's heavy breathing one night and saw its snout above the water. Our good find recently was this crab out in the sandy bottom looking for a midnight snack.

We have a few more nights to explore and we've just had a full moon. Who knows what we might find?

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