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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Traveling Home Despite COVID-19

Our first stop three hours after starting home was just north of Fort Lauderdale at a McDonald's. We unfolded ourselves from the car and stretched, our eyes focusing on the message posted on the door. Thankfully as we got closer, we realized we could go in and order for take out as well as use the restroom. We both gave a sigh of relief. Maybe this wouldn't be as bad as we worried about.

Traffic was not as heavy as usual as we traveled but we did notice a lot of trucks and quite a few RVs headed north with various license plates from northern states as well as Canada.

Lunch found us turning off the highway to find another McDonald's. It was connected to a Love's gas station where the restrooms were open. Plenty of soap and water and even hand sanitizer in a dispenser. We were able to order our lunch and take it out to our car to eat.

Bob also filled up the gas tank. I had found some plastic gloves in our condo and took enough for Bob to wear one each time he filled up. Tossing the glove. Using hand sanitizer again and we were on our way.

We made it to the Hampton Inn in Fernadina Beach where we always stay, glad to be able to stay in a familiar place. Familiar but different not only because of the COVID-19 restrictions but also because they were redecorating. Not too much noise but a new carpet smell and wall that made my astigmatism crazy in the halls.

The streets of Fernadina Beach were all but deserted. We walked around and checked out the restaurants that were open for take out. The Crab Trap offered the best option. We ordered on the phone and walked back to pick it up. Thankfully our room was a suite and we had a nice table to eat on. The food was delicious.

After dinner we walked to our favorite place to get ice cream and each got dessert. Down at the water's edge by the marina we sat down to watch the sunset. The bugs chased us away before we could actually see it set. Never had a bug/mosquito problem there before. Maybe the wind was too calm.

One day down. Two to go. Hopefully it wouldn't get any harder.


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