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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paris - Oooh la la!

Arriving at Charles DeGaulle Airport at 6 a.m. Paris time, we claimed our bags and began our great adventure. This leg of our trip to France, three days in Paris, would be unescorted and dependent upon our preplanning.

At the terminal, we found the tourist information center and purchased our 4 day museum pass. I know, I said three days in Paris but the passes only come in even numbered days. Next we located the train ticket area where we needed to pick up a set of tickets for use later in our trip that we couldn’t print out at home and purchase our ticket for the trip from the airport to Paris. All were done with little trouble.

Our trip to Paris from CDG was easy enough with one transfer along the way—that is until I was met with a set of formidable steps at the exit. My 39 pounds of clothes and toiletries felt like 100 by the time I got to the top. But right there across the street was our hotel, the Eiffel Seine.

Now the best news to a weary traveler is “Your room will be ready shortly.” We deposited our bags and left to forage for some breakfast. Around the corner, we found a cafĂ© that had a breakfast special: two eggs, ham, toast with jam, orange juice and coffee for 12 euros. Expensive? Not by Paris standards we found out later.

After breakfast, we walked one short block and stood beneath the structure that has come to symbolize this great city, the Eiffel Tower. Even though it is not our first time to see it, it is still awesome to behold. And just two blocks from our hotel! Ah yes, back to the hotel and hopefully a nice warm shower before tackling a two hour historical walk.

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