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Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm Here. Where's My Luggage?

Lost luggage is a problem no one wants to encounter especially on your way to your destination. Overall, 6.5 pieces of luggage are lost per 1,000 passengers. That doesn't sound too bad unless the suitcase with all your vacation clothes is lost and you are on the ship headed for a destination where you can only hope your luggage will arrive ahead of you.

Here are some tips to help locate your bags:
  • take a picture of your bag and carry it with you.
  • put an identification tag with your address, cell phone, or other contact information on the inside as well as the outside
  • don't check important things like your medications or travel documents.
  • if your bag is lost, be sure you have the phone number of the claims office at the airport so you can check back on their progress in locating your luggage.
Finally, if your luggage is lost consider it a "shopping opportunity." Sometimes a small emergency payment is made for luggage that is lost. If not, make your plight known to other passengers and crew. It is amazing how many clothes will be offered to help you through the dilemma. We once saw a couple completely outfitted in evening wear for a formal night when we weren't due into port for two days for them to get their luggage.


Andrea said...

Great tips!
I have joined to follow your blog and I will follow on fb, too. I hope you will drop by both my blogs and follow them on blogger and fb.

Blessings, andrea

mamabearbouch said...

Last January my entire TEAM'S luggage was 'lost' in our quick connection in Paris to Lyon . . . 3 of them went w/o it for 7 days!! What a 'learning adventure' that was - you are right on with taking a picture of your luggage as they ask you to describe it in detail, and with making sure you keep those baggage check numbers - they were invaluable tracking them down and retrieving them! We eventually did have to spend some of the 'allowance' for the girls . . . you can only share undergarments, washcloths and travel size toiletries so long! But to Air France's credit, when I got back to the States and filed the claim, they did reimburse me in less than a month's time. Yep - you're not a 'seasoned traveler' until you've joined the masses in surviving a 'lost luggage adventure'!!

Wandering Writer said...

And then of course there's the time that my in-law's luggage showed up on the carousel with duct tape wrapped around it. Yes, seasoned travelers have lots of stories to tell. Expect the unexpected.

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