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Monday, October 12, 2009

The What-To-Pack Dilemma!

After so many trips and destinations, one would assume that Bob and I would be past the dilemma of what to pack. Unfortunately, even after 40+ cruises and half as many land trips, we still tend to agonize a bit over what we will need to take in the way of clothes and toiletries and yes, at our age, meds.

We've taken to planning either stops at a laundromat, using facilities available on some ships, or sending dirty clothes out to be laundered. At the cost of extra luggage nowadays, paying for laundry is justified.

On one particular trip, we ran into a couple who had a unique solution to what to pack. We met them at the airport waiting to check baggage. They were obviously leaving for a cruise as we were. The tags on their bags gave it away. Bob looked admiringly at the two medium sized suitcases they were checking and asked how they got it down to such a small amount.

"Well," said the gentleman. "We've cruised quite a bit and we got tired of bringing clean clothes home that we didn't wear. So we took to putting a safety pin on each item that we packed. When we wore it, we took the pin off. The next time we packed we didn't bring those things again."

So simple--as long as you remember to take the pin off before you put the clothes on.

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