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Thursday, October 15, 2009

TSA Tips For Travel With Children

"NEVER leave babies in an infant carrier while it goes through the x-ray machine."

Okay, when I read that I laughed too. It must be a problem however. It is boldly stated right there on the TSA website page devoted to tips for traveling with children.

They have updated a few things on their site. They no longer suggest talking to your children about not saying things like, "I have a bomb in my bag." Perhaps it planted the idea in too many heads that thought it funny. I could see my grandson, Tyler, getting a glint in his eye after a briefing like that and announcing the dreaded phrase at the appropriate moment.

It is a good idea though to discuss with your children what the procedure will be like. Explain that there are rules for flying on an airplane and while some may seem silly, we have to follow the rules. Use age appropriate explanations for those "whys" that will come.

Make it a game for the little ones. Can you find all the metal things that you are wearing and put them in the bag? Then when they go through the x-ray machine, they are rewarded with "You found everything! It didn't buzz!" (That reward always makes me smile!)

Lots of other information is on the website for your travel through the security check including the assurance that the agents will not separate you from your child. I've never seen any children frightened by the security check- just upset over having to give up something that is not allowed through like a drink or a toy gun. Even the most illogical-looking gun made of plastic is better packed in a checked bag.

Traveling with kids can be made fun. It's all in the attitude you set.

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